Junji Ito Collection is now a nail design anime

Venus Rico Nail Salon It is a salon responsible for designing nails with references to your soul. He recently became involved with anime Junji Ito Collection, since he did his last job it was this one. This store is located in Akihabara (Tokyo). Since Wednesday she has been offering special nail art.

The salon offers two sets of nails with three characters, giving it a total design from this anime series. People can choose whether they want to paint their nails or get false nails. Prices range from about 12,960 yen (about US $ 117) to 21,600 yen (about US $ 195).

Anime Junji Ito Collection

The broadcast anime does the stories Itō Junji Kessaku-shū Collection and the book »Horror FractionsIt was first broadcast on 5 January this year. Kanagawa Prefecture Red Cross Blood Center will set up an attraction on January 6 where the characters will be debuted in a horror house in Tokyo January 11th.

What did you think of this news? Do you paint your nails? Do you follow the anime on air? Leave me your opinion in the comments.

Fountain: ANN.


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