Jun Maeda Says He Will Never Write An Anime Story Again

Two updates made by the Twitter account were shared on a popular comments forum in Japan. Íseal_Guy (@jun_lowguy)which was found to be an alternate account of the popular writer and composer June Maeda, which has withdrawn from the public eye in recent months. Since you can remove posts once you find out they have been received, we will share them as screenshots. The first was made on 28 December 2021, where he explained what had happened to him in recent months:

«To stop writing, to retire, to quit Key Arts / Visual Arts, to take the expression of this man, et cetera. Even on New Year’s and birthdays I get crowded with comments like this. This year has been so difficult that I even thought about hanging myself … Right now, I will try to survive until February next year».

In a second post a day later, Maeda noted that he will no longer write any stories, but will continue to compose songs: «From now on I will only add songs to anime projects, but nothing else. “KAGINADO” and other projects on its behalf have been warmly welcomed, and you can enjoy the upcoming “Summer Pockets” animation without any worries! If “Heaven Burns Red” becomes an anime, I’ll leave it to the professionals. I will only do the original work, as in the old days».

June Maeda

On the other hand, June Maeda collaborated with the studies for the first time PAWORKS in the production of the multimedia project Beat Angel! in 2010, followed by the original anime charlotte in 2015. Maeda is recognized as a screenwriter of visual novels developed by Visual Arts / KeyWhat Kanán, AER, Clannad Y Small Busters!, which inspired all anime adaptations. Maeda has also composed a soundtrack for all the video novels he has written, as well as the theme songs of the series. Beat Angel! Y charlotte.

In the previous months, Maeda has been credited with producing the original anime key, inflexible Y PAWORKS, Hello Kamisama and Natta (The day I became my God), broadcast in the Fall-2022 season (October-December). This production has been heavily criticized by some fans inside and outside Japan for an allegation “idle script“, People think that’s why he deactivated his social networks for a while.

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