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Judd Apatow signs up for ‘Superbad 2’ despite fears from Seth Rogen and Michael Cera

Judd Apatow has said he would be willing to make a sequel to Superbad, despite concerns from the rest of the team.

The filmmaker, who recently portrayed the honest 2007 comedy, recently said he wants to follow high school characters through college.

“I always wanted them to do a sequel to Superbad,” Apatow told Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast. Jonah Hill, who is in charge, said he would only do another if the characters were in a “nursing home.”

“I know Jonah said, ‘Oh, it’s going to be a lot of fun when we’re 70 or 80,’ but I really wanted them to do Superbad in college where Jonah goes out college and show and visit Michael. Cera in college, “Apatow continued.

But everyone was like, “No, we do not want to make a mess of Superbad by accidental sequencing,” and I always said the same thing, “Well, that’s not to make a second episode of The Sopranos. So why do you think we were going to make a mess of the latter? “

Michael Cera previously told Esquire that he would be “willing to do anything with that group of people,” adding that most cast members are “a little resolute against” sequels, “just because we feel good about the movie ”. It could only ruin something that is a good memory. “

Seth Rogen, who also stars in the film, said, “Honestly, I do not think that there is a need for improvement or anything that can be built on.”

“I’m so scared to remove anything with a bad sequence or result that I would never do.

Judd Apatow recently directed The Bubble. In a two – star review, NME said, “Apatow is great at making movies about ordinary people, and he’s even better at portraying someone else’s script, but here he seems overwhelmed. “


"Apprentice of everything and master of nothing".

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