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John Woo will remake his iconic film The Killer in Peacock

Peacock is expanding its film content with new deals with Lionsgate for its blockbusters and original film series for the NBCUniversal streamer. Peacock’s most interesting and fascinating film is The Killer, a remake of the late 1980s Hong Kong action film by John Woo, which helped establish Woo as one of the leading action directors of the 80s and 90s, but it’s not just a name given to a movie to draw attention to it, with Woo himself returning to “reimagine and direct his own classics.”

It’s not clear exactly what reimagining means, but since John Woo’s film is being developed for Peacock, we can guess that it’s going to be an English remake of The Killer. From there, no one knows what to expect. Unlike Disney +, Peacock does not have to maintain a family image, so the film is likely to be as bloody and violent as the original and is expected to contain a detective or crime story of some sort. Also, Chow Yun-fat, who starred in the original film, is now a Hollywood actor, so maybe he could come back in some role in the movie.

The Killer told the story of a man who struck the crowd, who, after years of being at the peak of the crowd, decided to go straight for “one last job”. The film is part of a series of Woo-directed action classics that took him to the Hollywood Leap, where he struggled to maintain his artistic vision through a series of winning or lost action movies such as Face / Off and Mission : Impossible 2. The director has been making Hong Kong films for the past two decades, but seems to be making the leap back to English cinema with this project and a second film called Silent Knight, starring Joel Kinnaman.

John Woo has essentially helped to define modern action cinema, with many of his films establishing the action tropes we see today. His recent work in Hong Kong was good, so hopefully he can finally capture the same magic in English by retelling one of his best films.


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