Jeon Somi Responds to AI Covers of His Voice, He Calls Them “Crazy”.

South Korean singer Jeon Somi responded to AI covers of her voice singing popular songs by NewJeans and Jungkook from BTS.

Yesterday (August 14), Jeon Somi posted a series of videos on TikTok in which she responded to AI versions of her voice by singing popular K-pop songs. In the first clip, Somi seems surprised to hear her voice singing ‘Super Shy’ by NewJeans.

Later, he compares his real voice to the AI ​​version, taking turns singing parts of the song while the computer-generated version plays in the background.



♬ 아지지네 상이 – JEON SOMI – JEON SOMI

On the second TikTok, Somi reacts with equal surprise to an AI version of her voice singing Jungkook’s hit single ‘Seven’: “This is crazy like wuuut…?” she wrote in the caption accompanying the clip.


This is crazy like wuuut…?

♬ 아지지네 상이 – JEON SOMI – JEON SOMI

However, the most famous AI-created music released to date is the “lost” Oasis album, called “AISIS” and created by the indie group Breezer, who created their own tracks on Lockdown before it was covered with Liam Gallagher’s AI voice.

In response to the record, Liam took to Twitter to confirm that he had heard a few tracks and that they were “better than all the other crap out there”. He went on to call the project “crazy as fuck” before adding that his AI voice sounded “mega”.

Somi recently made her long-awaited comeback with “Fast Forward” from her new mini-album “Game Plan.” However, part of the music video has been edited after viewers accused it of plagiarism.

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