Jay-Z Says He “Never” Charges Guests: “Relationships Are Biggest”

Jay-Z has opened up about his involvement with other people’s songs, saying he “never” gets paid to do guest verses.

The rapper spoke with Kevin Hart for an episode of Hart’s new show, Hart To Heart, which premiered on Peacock this week.

“It’s all about relationships,” Jay said of his approach to guesting on other people’s albums. “Actually, it’s always mostly relationships. Sometimes it’s the talent and sometimes someone asks me to be in something.

“Almost every song I take part in is requested. I don’t ask people to be in their songs. I never charge.”

He said, “I’m trying to be honest,” continued the Brooklyn tycoon. “Sometimes it drives me crazy. Sometimes I want to do it and my life is in a certain place and I’m moving and I can’t do it.”

“But I usually try to be honest with people. I don’t like to stop or waste people’s time or hold them back.”

One of Jay-Z’s past collaborations was with Jack White, and the guitarist recently revealed that unreleased music with the rapper “could see the light of day soon.”

When asked if the two had ever worked together, White replied, “Yeah. That’s true, but I’m not the one who doesn’t finish things. So… I’m not that guy. No, I’m not but But I have more of a personality, like, I’ll be there tomorrow, you know, so it’s different styles of work. with projects and other things.”

When asked if it was “fun” working with Jay-Z, he said, “Yeah, it was. It’s so different, you know, because when I went into the studio with him, there was just a mic only, that is, I was. good [como] ‘Whoa what? Where are the other microphones?

In the same interview with Hart, Jay-Z said that he hasn’t given up on rapping and hasn’t closed the door on putting out new music in the future.

He last released an album in 2017 with ‘4:44’. A year later, he and his wife Beyoncé released a collaborative album called ‘Everything Is Love’. “I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m not actively making music or making an album and I have no plans to make an album,” he said about future plans.

“But I don’t want to say that I’m retired … It’s a gift, and who am I to close? It’s open to anything. Maybe it’s not an album. Maybe it is. No I have no idea, but I’m going to leave it open.”

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