Japan’s new personalized underwear line aims to meet the needs of otoko no ko

That men can embrace their feminine side with sailor uniforms and bras racy little leaves the imagination.

That Japanese men can crosta like women, aka otoko no ko, has increased in recent years. Such people may try to expand their wardrobe to include some nicer garments for special occasions, but their choices have been limited so far.

An pornstar male of Crossdress, Kaoru oshima, maybe you have the solution, producing your own personal fashion line in an effort to help men bring out their own seductress inside the comfort of your own home. It can be said that one of the otoko no ko most famous in Japan; He screams when he sees that her clothes are so cute that he makes other women jealous.

While the garments are specifically designed for men, women will find that they can fit into the L versions, which are rated relatively comfortable.

Oshima he makes two-piece clothes with a hood molding
with animal ears (3,456 yen, $ 31.35)

The Uniform »MaidIt comes with the fists on the line (3,456 yen, $ 31.35).

Sleeveless Sailor Uniform (3,456 yen, $ 31.35)

This is a fluffy bra paired with panty leggings
little on the imagination (3,024 yen, $ 27.43).

Go absolutely tempting and play with people’s minds with this sexy lingerie set that includes a garter strap, and sole stocking (3,240 yen, $ 29.40).

The school's tight blue swimsuit can be quite enticing (2,376 yen, $ 21.55).

All the costumes above are available online at Vanguard Village for a limited time until September 30, and comes with an enthusiastic photo of the king of crosta, Kaoru oshima.

For those who tend to slip into something a little more sexual, the Oshima For dressing a cute room, it can be the perfect choice. All we have to do is add some makeup and manicure products designed for the modern otoko no ko also.

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