Japan’s Ministry of Defense is committed to the development of the ‘Railgun’

An Japanese Ministry of Defense dedicating serious research and development resources to “railway guns (Railway gun) ”, Science fiction weapons so far that projectiles are fired very fast, very far and at high speed using electromagnetic energy instead of gunpowder. Around 6.5 billion yen (about $ 56 million() assigned to the project of the “railway gun“In the government's initial budget project for fiscal year 2022. With China and North Korea developing hypersensitive weapons that are difficult to intercept, will Japan make the weapon part of its air defenses?

«Our only hope is a prototype weapon called the “Railgun.” Burning steel projectile at Mach 7». Shortly after speaking these words, “railway gun“Incorporating a US Army-led missile destroyer into hypersonal round fires that go through a giant robot trying to destroy one of the Egyptian pyramids. Here's How One of the Highlights of the Science Fiction Action Movie »Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen“.

I “railway gun“, An electrically conductive projector is cut between two cages which are also made of electrically conductive material. A very strong electric current travels up one rail, through the projectile or support armor, and back down the other rail, creating a strong magnetic field that conducts the projectile at high speed. Ministry of Defense allocated 1 billion yen (about $ 8.64 million) with this technology in the supplementary budget for fiscal year 2016, and a prototype was built. The target is a weapon that can fire a missile at 2,000 meters per second or higher, which is about Mach 6 and over 1,700 meters per second from a main tank gun.

According to the Procurement, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), the tests recorded speeds of 2297 m / s. The ministry is investigating “railway guns“Because the surrounding countries are developing hyperpersonal weapons. These travel more than five times the speed of sound, making them difficult to intercept and, according to observers, possibly impossible to shoot at Japanese anti-missile defenses.

Fountain: Mainichi Shimbun

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