Japanese Want To Change Yor Forger Actress In SPY x FAMILY

the portal of Japan mojito published an article noting that there are fans of the franchise Spy x FAMILY it seems they are not happy with the selection of actresses to represent the role Yor Forger in the musical adaptation of the story, which will begin its presentation in March 2023 in Japan. The criticisms relate to the fact that “they were expecting someone else in the role“.

«“SPY x FAMILY”, the original manga and anime, are so popular that they are now called “hegemonic”. A musical adaptation of the play has now been announced, but a flood of fans have complained about the casting of the main character, especially the casting of Yor Forger.».

«The musical “SPY x FAMILY” will be staged at the “Imperial Theatre” starting in March next year. The cast of the main characters has already been announced, and it looks like the main character Loid Forger will be played by actors Win Morisaki and Hiroki Suzuki.».

«Of course, the role of Yor Forger will also be played by two actresses. The first was TV personality Fuka Yuzukiwho won a special jury prize at the 37th edition of the “Horipro Talent Caravan”. The second was Mirei Sasaki, from the national idol group Hyuhizaka 46. Images of the new cast have also been released, with images of the actors dressed as such appearing on the official website and Twitter.».

«However, there are many people who are unhappy with the choice of actors for Yor Forger. “What’s the benefit of wearing it?“Y”this embarrasses me“, Are some of the comments. Apart from Yuzuki, Sasaki must have a lot of backup in Hyuhizaka 46, but for some reason, the group’s fans also responded subtly. “It’s been a while, but it’s pretty clear that Yor-san and Mi-pan are completely different“Y”Mi-pan is very popular but doesn’t fit the role of Yor,” a fan wrote.».

«The reason there is such a fuss is probably because of the unusual demands placed on the role of Yor Forger in the first place. One of the presumed causes is Saya Hiyama, who once caused a stir by disguising herself as Yor. Hiyama is a weather anchor at Weather News and is popular among the otaku community for her easy-going manner and related interests. He matched Yor Forger’s look, and when he posted a cosplay image in June this year, it caused a frenzy on social media.».

«That’s why many people were hoping to add her to the cast of the adaptation. “Weather News’ Saya Hiyama was the right person for the role.“Y”That role was for Hiyama-san!“, it can be read on social networks. However, it would be difficult to portray “SPY x FAMILY” in live action, even with a talent as good as Hiyama. The setting of the story is considered to be based on Germany, and the characters have a distinctly Japanese appearance. In the end, it could just bring out the old contradiction “material born in Japan but impossible to make in Japan”».

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