Japanese fulfills the dream and marries his favorite VTuber

In a popular comment forum, some screenshots of a special episode aired on Japanese television were shared. nhk. The organizers of the program visit a couple, the 24-year-old man and the 28-year-old woman, whose relationship has a certain peculiarity that has started as a Fan-VTuber relationship. Instead of getting dizzy with a lot of text, let’s review what the couple answered the interviewer’s questions:

  • Interviewer: I understand that you both almost met?
  • he: Yes, I eat “Chomusuke (ちょむすけ)”.
  • she: And I eat “Oshite Mairu (押手まいる)”. And then we fell in love.
  • he: I have always loved his voice.
  • (Omitted)
  • he: The first time I saw it in person, I thought: “How wonderful!”. But I also thought she wasn’t my type of girl in terms of looks. I always liked smaller breasts and younger women.
  • she: The complete opposite of me.
  • he: That’s right, the opposite. But she managed to make me fall in love with the virtual. I didn’t know what he was like, I was in love with his voice, his personality. I was in love with her persona on the internet, and now her real persona too.

That’s right, long story short, this guy managed to marry the VTuber he’s always been a fan of! Certainly it is the dream of many, and it is that VTubers have begun to take over the market for idols and voice actresses in Japan, easily competing in terms of market potential. On the other hand, the woman Oshite MairuVTuber is small (compared to the size of the YouTube channel), but He even has a video where he puts his character in Spanish..

Naturally, the data attracted a variety of opinions in opinion forums in Japan, highlighting that:

  • «You are on the winning side, you got a shapely girl».
  • «I don’t belong to any group, I don’t care about a woman’s body. So I feel like a winner with no one».
  • «She is enough to hide through VTuber, she could have done better if she streamed with a camera».
  • «It’s great that he accepted the interview. Maybe because he’s a little VTuber».
  • «I mean, big tits, glasses, and an anime voice, what more could I ask for in a woman?».
  • «If you are going to marry someone, you better know them properly».
  • «I looked it up and it is a low active VTuber. But hey, everyone».
  • «No matter how you look at it, all otakus wear glasses. Why will it be?».
  • «Maybe this is the formula to get the otakus out of the house?».

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