Japanese festival to take legal action after DJ Soda’s alleged sexual assault on stage

The organizers of the Japan Music Circus Festival are taking legal action after DJ Soda was allegedly sexually assaulted on stage.

TryHard Japan has filed a criminal complaint with the police against three people over the alleged attack on the South Korean DJ, The Japan Times reports.

This comes after DJ Soda posted on instagram last week (August 14) his concerns about the alleged incident that happened at the festival as he approached the audience at the end of his performance.

She wrote, “I was so surprised and scared that my hands are still shaking. To communicate more closely with the fans, I always approach them at the end of the concert.

“At that time, not just one person but many people suddenly touched my chest and sexually harassed me helplessly.”

DJ Soda continued, “I was very surprised and scared, but there were fans who liked me and I also cried a lot, so I tried my best to remain unfazed. Now I’m back in the hotel, but yes I’m still very scared, and I’ve never experienced anything like this in my 10 years as a DJ.”

Following the alleged incident, festival organizers TryHard Japan released their own statement.

“I am very disappointed that such an incident happened on the 10th anniversary of the Music Circus celebration,” said Rakuyo Otsuki, founder and CEO of TryHard Japan.

“Our main priority in organizing the event is to protect the safety of the players and the public. In this incident, a crime is a crime and if we don’t take appropriate action, similar things can continue to happen other events.”

For help, advice or more information on sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the website of the charity Rape Crisis. In the United States, visit RAINN.

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