Japanese believe that Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! it should be over by now

The latest chapter of the manga written and illustrated by Take, Use Asobitei! (Uzaki-chan wants to Hang Out!), included more development between the twins Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai. In the previous chapter, Sakurai found Uzaki’s “cuteness” down, so in this new chapter they start to “train their interactions”. Uzaki then proceeds to pull his thumb and thus Sakurai dies again.

And why are we talking about this new chapter? It turns out that the scene was shared on a popular comment board in Japan, where fans commented on their disappointment at this development:

  • «Hasn’t this garbage been thrown away yet?».
  • «Wow, reading this destroys my brain».
  • «I have lost hope that this will end soon».
  • «I think minimal progress is still better than those romantic comedies where nothing progresses at all».
  • «I don’t see any improvement in the art, haven’t you been posting this long enough?».
  • «Once Kaguya-sama figured out how to deal with romantic relationships between two main characters, everything else, including this, became miserable.».
  • «Rumiko Takahashi already said, “The romantic comedy ends when the main couple becomes a boyfriend”».
  • «Is there any age group that still reads this kind of trash?».
  • «Not even another feminist controversy makes this manga interesting».
  • «In fact, the blood donation poster controversy was the only thing that helped this manga stay relevant. Otakus only used it for their feminist hatred, they were never interested in manga like that».
  • «Seriously this anime is still selling for a second season? It’s not like Blu-rays were big sellers.».
  • «Romantic comedies usually end the moment the couple becomes a couple, not much like Kaguya-sama is still relevant after that».

Summary of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

At the beginning of her first year in college, Hana Uzaki meets Shinichi Sakurai, a senior who was in the same club as her during her high school days. However, to his surprise, the single-active senior has stopped being a “lonely” student, who prefers to spend his free time in peace and quiet. Uzaki does everything he can to keep Sakurai from being “alone”, from convincing him to go to the movies to his part-time workplace.

Although Sakurai finds her irritating and tired, he continues to engage in Uzaki’s pranks and pranks, even if he knows that his funny personality will only land the two of them in various funny situations. Still, as the days go by, their relationship doesn’t improve, to the point where people around them don’t understand them as a couple. Anyway, whenever Uzaki wants to hang out with his upperclassman, some hilarious and adorable antics are sure to ensue!

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