Japan: Vocaloid producer arrested for teenage girl abuse

On May 31 in Japan, Kyoto Prefectural Police arrested Shōta Tsuchida25, composer from Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, on suspicion of violating the Prefectural Juvenile Education Ordinance (lewd acts, etc.) for his indecent behavior with a 14-year-old high school third grade student Defendant pleaded guilty to the charges during questioning.

According to the Prefectural Police, Tsuchida is a “Vocaloid” (Vocaloid P) producer who makes music using computer synthesis voice software. He composed music under the name “リ ス ミ ー (Rhythm)”And posted his compositions on the YouTube video sharing site.

Here are some of his compositions:

The Tsuchida suspect signed the victim’s student notebook. The events took place on July 25 last year and involved a sexual relationship with a student at a hotel in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, where he knew the student was under 18 years old. According to prefectural police, the student contacted Tsuchida on July 23 of the same year via Twitter after discovering that the accused was to be in Kyoto, and met him in person there on July 25. The incident came to light in September of the same year, when the student consulted with the prefectural police about a completely different case.

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