Japan: They’re looking for a pervert who asks schoolgirls out of their socks

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, when someone i Japan reports a crime, the police of the prefecture in question issue bulletins describing the facts and the matter sought, hoping that a citizen will offer information that will facilitate their arrest. On this occasion, the Shizuoka Prefectural Police Department issued a bulletin that they are looking for an adult pervert.

According to the chronicle of events, the man was in his 30s wearing a black sweatshirt and black sports pants, when on November 28, at 6:20 pm (Japan time), a schoolgirl went on her way home and passed out: «Could you give me the socks you are wearing now?».

Of course, the market for used underwear in Japan is a reality, including everything from bras, panties, socks and even masks, but nobody would think of asking for the product for free, let alone a schoolgirl in the middle of the street. Naturally, the report made its way to comment boards in Japan, where it prompted comments such as:

  • «I think that’s better than stealing his money».
  • «Wow, this is an old perversion, but a chivalrous one».
  • «Hmm, I think I’d think twice if they asked me that.».
  • «This is safe, right? I don’t think it’s as bad as it seems».
  • «Not having an extra pair of socks is an insult to your chivalry».
  • «Don’t steal them, buy them».
  • «I wonder if he chose her for some reason, maybe he smelled her?».
  • «It doesn’t look like a perversion to me. And even if he was, he seems to be a gentleman too.».
  • «Is that the right level of crazy?».

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