Japan: They get spied on schoolgirls on a pedestrian bridge

Video entitled “An old man pretends to be called to look after schoolgirls’ panties». As the title suggests, it shows a subject standing under a pedestrian bridge while pretending to look up at the sky while high school students walk around and look at their panties.

In comment forums you can read mixed comments like: «Incredible how it could be static for 17 seconds and no one said anything to it»; «This guy is apparently too desperate»; «He seems to have done it many times in the past, he has already prepared a routine»; «Strange to me, I think from where you stand you would see nothing if a gust of wind did not run, don’t ask me how I know»; «I did not know that gyaru was still there today»; «More than the stalker, the number of blondes in high schools today amazes me»; «Black hair is no longer compulsory in schools»; Y “It’s disappointing that blonde girls don’t wear miniskirts, the anime told me».

It is worth noting that this type of harassment is common in the news in Japan, although it is one of the few times one of these types of content has been seized “in action“.

Fountain: 2ch | Japan


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