Japan: The subject of a woman pushed the train tracks ‘because she was on the way’

At 1:10 pm on December 26 in Japan, a man pushed a woman on the train tracks at JR Kita-Toda Station in Niizo, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture. According to station personnel, the woman pushed past a man in the train queue on the platform. A 23-year-old Saitama resident collapsed when she was pushed on her right shoulder two minutes before the train arrived. She was rescued by several rescuers.

After the incident, the woman boarded a train that went to Tokyo and, upon departure in the capital, contacted the police to report the matter. Staff contacted police shortly after 4:15 pm The next morning, station personnel began patrolling the surrounding area, and around 1:45 pm they found a man wearing similar clothing to suit for the suspect ‘s report. After a brief questioning, the staff asked him to volunteer to accompany them to their office, and the man agreed. The 53-year-old man, who lived in Akabanedai, in Tokyo's Kita neighborhood, later admitted his involvement in the incident, saying that pushed the stranger because “it bothered me.

That's no reason to throw someone on the tracks, and the man has since been detained on suspicion of attempted murder.. There were no previous problems between the woman and the man who pushed her, and neither of them knew each other. The woman suffered injuries to her lower back in the fall. For the insurmountable reason, the news provoked various reactions in comment forums as follows:

«Attempted assassination? That is serious»,«I do not know the exact situation, but even if she was on the road, her actions are insurmountable»,«This is not the first time I have heard such a thing happen: it is always best to avoid walking in front of the yellow line»,«It is not uncommon for people to approach others unknowingly at train stations.“Y”The number of frustrated travelers has increased dramatically in recent times».

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