Japan Releases Idol Feces-Smelling Spray

The sex toy and gadget industry in Japan explores everything from the most common fetishes to the rarest to find. That is why it is not surprising, perhaps, for some who decided to explore coprophilia. The very strange sexual attraction to feces has been aptly illustrated in a new “toy” distributed by Kanojo Toys in the West, but manufactured by 072 LABO in Japan.

The product in question is an aromatic spray, for fetishists to enjoy the “bathroom smell after going idol to defecateand although it is quite clear that the product does not include real feces, it is quite possible, with the current technology and methods, that the smell has been faithfully replicated.

entitled “072 Perfume – Scent Left After Your Idol Loses Your Dreams in the Toilet“, but simplified as “Music Idol Poop Scent Spray (Idol Poop Scent Spray)”, the product is available at a price of 12 US dollars in Kanojo Toysslightly more than the price of 1,169 yen (about US$9) in Japan.

The product description writes:

  • What does it smell like when that cute singer from Akihabara does number two in the toilet? The “Music Idol Poop Poop Smell Spray” recreates that unique and secret fragrance that we don’t normally experience. Now it’s here, in convenient spray bottles for you to enjoy whenever you want in the air, on your hands, on clothes and costumes, or on dolls and toys for adults.

font: Kanojo Toys


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