Japan: Mothers complained about ‘sexual expressions’ in anime

The newspaper An chunichi shimbun in Japan published a column in which various mothers commented on sexual expressions within the manga and anime that minors might see (specifically, children), which would be susceptible to the construction of these “inappropriate behaviors“What”normal“.

«I worry about the recommended sexual content in the anime series of my second grader watches. A boy touches a girl's chest and her underwear is visible. There is also a girl in “Kimetsu no Yaiba” who emphasizes her breast, and I'm worried that people are not caring. I wonder if anyone could reveal this caseA 36-year-old woman from the Japanese city of Gifu wrote».

«“I'm worried about the impact of sexual expression in anime and manga series on children.” In the poll published on November 19, many sympathetic comments and advice were received from readers, such as “the emphasis on sexuality is shameful” and “why don't you make expressions that appear in the real world?” A series in which you can see the girls' underwear and sometimes they accidentally touch their breast …»

«A woman from Gifu City who sought advice said: “I am concerned that people think that it is normal to talk about women lightly.Toyohashi, Aichi, a 40 – year – old woman stands in solidarity:I have the same opinion“He has a second grade daughter and a son of elementary school age, and Every time you look at anime series or children's commercials that emphasize sex more than necessary, such as breast size or clothing, I wonder, “Who is this for? I feel offended “».

«The widespread use of smartphones without the knowledge of parents can lead to unintentional sexual expression. “I’m sure a lot of parents feel the same way. It's frustrating“, The woman confirms. A 47 – year – old woman from Gifu City suggested that people should know that stories and reality are two different things.”I must always remind my children not to touch or expose women's private areas (breasts, hips, genitals) ”. If you come across these types of expressions, take them into the world and ask yourself: “How would you feel if someone touched your body without permission?“. Children cannot ask themselves that question without the help of their parents. If you see it in the anime, you would think that it is” normal “in the real world.».

«On the other hand, a 42-year-old Nagoya woman said: “It is only natural that primary school children should be interested in sex. It's impossible to remove it from the manga and anime“, luann.”Sex is the source of life and birth. Being open about it is better than asking the children to inform themselves in other ways“The woman said, confirming that she usually talks about sexuality with her daughter from first grade secondary school and her son from sixth grade in primary school. “I talk about sexuality with my children, and I tell them about the behaviors that society does not accept. Sexuality is what makes people attractive, exposing them to different types of expressions will help them have the power to make decisions for themselves.“, Completed».

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