Japan: Man arrested for attempting to steal every machine

On the morning of December 21, a 26 – year – old unemployed man was arrested in Japan for theft gashapon machine (you insert a coin and turn knock to get a random capsule with a prize inside, just like all real life) with merchandise in a commercial establishment in Tomakomai, Hokkaido. The 26-year-old, without a fixed address and currently jobless, was arrested as a robbery suspect.

A man is suspected of stealing the gashapon machine from a relaxation area on the first floor of a shopping complex in Tomakomai around 10:30 a.m. on December 21. The machine he stole was about a meter high and weighed 141Super ballsAnd 1,800 yen of collection for the day (about 16 US dollars). According to police, the man was being blindfolded and fled with the machine on his shoulder.

He left the premises and went to the connecting passage to JR Tomakomai station. When the clerk saw the gashapon machine on the corridor floor, the man ran out and, when the clerk grabbed him, replied: «No, I did not steal it!». The merchant reported the incident to the police, who patrolled the area and found a man similar to the one reported by the merchant, who was voluntarily questioned and detained on the 21st at night. The man partially denied the allegations, saying he took the object in question but had no intention of stealing it.

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