Japan launches sex consent app

Are you really “consenting” to intercourse? In Japan, the sexual consent application “Kiroku (华ク)” is being born, which claims that it “will not destroy the atmosphere of a relationship,” but will leave a “verifiable history.”

The sexual consent app “Kiroku (ろビク)” is already in the development stage, under the supervision of lawyers, who it allows consent to sexual intercourse from a mobile device without changing the atmosphere of the situation, and avoiding the argument “I didn’t really consent to sexual intercourse” in the future.. The application is now available for the Japanese market.

As of July 13, 2023, the Japanese Penal Code regarding sexual crimes was amended, and the crimes of “forced intercourse” and “semi-forced intercourse” were merged, establishing a new crime of non-consensual intercourse. (article 177 of the Penal Code). Similarly, the crimes of “indecent abuse” and “forced indecent abuse” were classified as “non-consensual indecent abuse” (article 176 of the Criminal Code).

However, when it comes to the crime of non-consensual intercourse, even if you thought you had consent when you had intercourse, you can be charged as a criminal if the other party later says they didn’t really consent . Unfortunately, it is difficult to have proof that the other person gave consent in a closed room.

To avoid these discrepancies, it is necessary to prepare a “sexual consent form”, but concerns have been expressed that the procedure of taking out a piece of paper, signing and stamping the form destroys the atmosphere of the situation. Therefore, in accordance with the change in the law, the sexual consent application “Kiroku (ろビク)” was developed in Japan, which allows giving consent to sexual activity from a mobile device.

Consent records are stored in the application and can be used as “evidence” before a jury. It is also possible to issue a digital consent form within the app as often as both parties agree, even if the other party has given consent in the past.

As part of the launch campaign, the application is completely free for two months. In addition to making the consent request public, which both couples can use with peace of mind, they are studying adding an anniversary function to support couples, and a function that allows them to meet people on match requests and guarantee the partner’s age. , their marital history and other identities.

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