Japan launches a competition to choose the most beautiful schoolgirl

On September 27, the media mold press informed the thirteen contestants about the competition “Mesukousei Misukon 2022 (High School Girl Beauty Pageant 2022)“, who decides “the cutest school girl in all of Japan”. This year, the jury is again divided into six zones: “Hokkaido/Tohoku“, “sing“, “chubu“, “Kansai“, “Chugoku/Shikoku“Y”Kyushu/Okinawa“. A total of 13 women were announced as national finalists, including representatives from each area and the “Grand Prize” of the competition.

The finalists will now attend a final training camp (weekend classes, filming and participation in events) and the grand prize will be announced on Sunday 4 December. The winner of the “Grand Prize” will receive a prize of 1 million yen (about 7 thousand US dollars) and a trip to Hawaii, the right to appear as a catwalk model in TGC Teen 2023the right to star in a play of YouTube originals which will be released next year and the right to belong to a major entertainment agency. She will also be appointed as a public relations ambassador to “Mesukousei Misukon” on television and in magazines.

On the other hand, the event in question takes place every year in December and is organized by the companies Hobbies Japan Y furu since 2015. The registration and evaluation methods are based on the life habits of high school students and people of the same generation do the evaluation process through prepaid machines and Twitter, among other ways. The competition embraces the concept of “schoolgirls of the same generation will elect the first schoolgirl“, as a new type of event with audience participation.

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