Japan is concerned that fewer and fewer young people drink alcohol

In Japan, the National Tax Agency invited young people to submit proposals to stimulate demand for Japanese alcoholic beverages in a competition called “Long live you!“. The objective is to brainstorm new services and sales strategies from the perspective of young people, and revitalize the national market.which is declining due to population decline and other factors.

According to the National Revenue Agency, consumption of alcoholic beverages per adult in Japan was 100 liters in 1995, but fell to 75 liters in 2020. In recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities to drink and eat out have been lost, and the number of people who do not drink alcohol has increased.

Particular attention was paid to the “immediate refusal of alcohol” of young people. According to private research institutes, around half of young people do not have a daily habit of drinking (not being drunk, but having a glass of beer). Therefore, the National Tax Agency, which has jurisdiction over the alcoholic drinks sector, asked the opinion of young people to stimulate demand.

In addition to products and designs adapted to the increase in the number of drinkers at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization hopes to receive proposals for new sales methods using the virtual space “Metaverse ” the Internet. Applications can be submitted by individuals between 20 and 39 or groups of up to three people, and will be accepted until September 9.

Those who pass the paper test will go on to the final competition which will take place in Tokyo on 10 November. The Agency will support the commercialization of the ideas that won the grand prize, and the competition will be broadcast on the internet.

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