Japan: High school boy arrested for filming himself having sex with his girlfriend

On May 20 in Japan, the Akashi Police Station Hyrefo Prefectural police arrested high school student (sixteen years old) native of Nishi District, Kobe, because he is suspected of violating the Prohibition Law on Child Prostitution and Child Pornography (material manufacturing).

The boy was arrested on suspicion of committing an indecent act against a 16-year-old student from the prefecture with whom he was chatting in mid-February, knowing she was under 18, and recording the act with a smartphone. The young man pleaded guilty to the charges during questioning.

The high school student’s parents consulted with the police on May 12 and the charges were discovered. The bizarre catch was also shared on a popular comments forum in Japan, where comments such as:

  • «The girl’s parents are broken up, I can only guess at the rest of the facts. The parents of the wrong boy raised it. This matter is not at the level of being able to deal between parents. The preconditions are not known, but the boys’ parents must educate both of them strictly».
  • «At any age, filming such personal moments is not allowed».
  • «Holy shit, now are we going to catch the hot guys filming themselves losing their virginity?».
  • «I do not know the details, but if the girl asked him to stop filming and turn it off later, but he did not comply, the boy is entirely to blame. If they were excited and filming together, it’s both their fault …»
  • «There are people who say this is wrong, that they feel sorry for the boy or the parents who denied it, but you can’t take photos in any way. Even if the girl becomes a pleasure, do not do it. Discuss whether you want to record yourself before you do the acting. If you mean that society does not teach these things, then you can feel sorry for the high school students, but it is society, and not the parents who reported the incident, that is the blame.».
  • «Well, now filming is a bad idea. If we break up, it’s a perfect revenge for the girl.».

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