Japan has a Special Exhibition Dedicated to ‘Ahegao’ this month

The “Acháo”It is a facial expression to indicate an orgasm. It is a fairly lively and detailed face, and is characterized by the characters rolling their eyes back and sticking to their tongue and not being able to control their pleasures. It is said that the face »Acháo“He originated visual novels, and is now widely used in manga, anime, and social media as a kind of sensory, three-dimensional face.

«Why do you voluntarily adopt a posture in which you “stick your tongue aside and change your face”? There is a strong message of spiritual freedom from society that reinforces stereotypes. Ahegao is then an icon of 21st century spirituality», Writes a press release for the exhibition“AHEGAO EXHIBITIONS, 2022“, With the participation of the Manson Mayo, founded by the “Ahegao Research Institute, and perhaps twelve artists who empathize with the message in the first such exhibition.

With the ahegao motion »area spiritual freedom“The facilities will include a variety of photographs and illustrations with this theme from the following artists and footballers: Uni Aoi (あ お い う に), But (あ こ), illbull, KamiyaQQ (谷 谷 QQ), TAI CHI, Manx, MURDER, Nami Minami (美 南 ナ ミ), Miyako, Senju from Sweden (千寿 from Sweden), Pedro Nekoi from Brazil Y James C Marsano from USA. The event will take place in the AKIHABARA DUB Gallery in the period from 14 January to 29 of this year.

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