Japan: Guy picks a waifu’s underwear out of the trash

A man in Japan has become the center of attention on comment forums after it was discovered that he was collecting (in his own words, “rescue”) used girls’ underwear and other items related to the popular PreCure franchise straight from the trash. The man, who worked part-time as a garbage collector on his days off, eventually saw his Twitter account suspended due to this controversy.

The shocking revelation was made by another Twitter user, who revealed that the subject collected girls’ underwear directly from garbage bags, expressing concern that he may store them for later resale to others with dubious intentions. The Internet community has warned parents about the importance of taking this situation into account before wearing their daughters’ underwear.

This particular person seems to have been involved in this disturbing activity for a long period of time, collecting girls’ pajamas and underwear that he found in trash bags. Although he claims that he does it out of compassion, it is pointed out that in some cases, the collection of these items is a crime in itself, as well as being morally unacceptable. In response to this incident, the recommendation to tear underwear before throwing it in the trash has spread on the Internet, as a precautionary measure to protect yourself from individuals who behave inappropriately.

This scandal did not go unnoticed in the comment forums, which created a variety of opinions. Some users expressed concern, such as the one who said: “I’ve been thinking about it for a while, it’s sad that finally someone was doing it“. Another user said: “It’s monstrous behavior, right? Some men tend to stray when they reach a certain age and don’t have a partner.“. Others recalled the importance of awareness, such as the one who stated: “The most important thing is that women’s underwear is not only for women, but also for men. Anyone should be careful what they spend.“. The widespread concern shows how important it is to properly address situations like this and protect everyone’s privacy and security.

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