Japan fines two agencies for placing ads on manga piracy site

Tokyo District Court has ordered two advertising agencies, MM Laboratory Y. Global Net, pay 11 million yen (about 96 thousand US dollars) to serve ads on the Japanese manga piracy site Mangamura. The author Ken akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima !, UQ Holder!) filed the lawsuit against both agencies, claiming that his manga was illegally published on Mangamura. His lawyer testified that this was the first time an advertising agency had been held liable for manga piracy.

Judge Kouichi tanaka has ruled that ever since Mangamura if it infringes copyright with its piracy, agencies that pay the advertising fee cooperate with the website operator for copyright infringement. He also discovered that Akamatsu manga sales were declining due to piracy.

On June 30, Fukuoka District Court issued a guilty verdict against him Romi hoshino, aka Zakay Romi, alleged administrator Mangamura, on allegations of concealment of copyright infringement and criminal proceeds. Hoshino, 29, was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 10 million yen (about 91 thousand US dollars) and an additional fine of 62 million yen (about 565 thousand US dollars). The latter is based on the 62 million yen of revenue earned by Hoshino from the site and deposited in a foreign bank account.

Representative from Shueisha a press conference was held after the verdict, stating that they believed the sentence was appropriate, and hoped that the verdict would serve as a deterrent. The representative also said “if the works of those who gave everything to creation are taken away, the foundations are damaged to create interesting works“. The place Mangamura launched in 2016. Japanese authorities revealed in May 2018 that they were actively investigating Mangamura after what Kodansha and other publishers will file criminal complaints with police departments between summer and fall 2017.

Fountain: ANN


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