Japan: Detention seized over housing and abusing a girl running away from home

The portal NHK NEWS WEB A 21-year-old former host has been detained by Japanese authorities for forcing a 17-year-old girl to commit indecent acts in her Nagoya apartment. The former host is believed to have approached a girl who ran away from home and let her live in his apartment, but repeatedly committed indecent acts on her.

The former host denied the allegations. The suspect, Katsutoshi Fujiwara (藤原 勝利), 21, a former resident presenter of Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. According to police, he is suspected of violating Child Welfare Law by forcing a 17 – year – old girl to perform an impatient act in her apartment in the Naka neighborhood of Nagoya last September.

Fujiwara, who was working in a hotel club at the time, approached a girl who ran away from home and ran into a park in the Naka neighborhood, saying: “You can stay in my house, I will not charge you. If you are interested, come with me“. Police are subsequently investigating the details of how the girl was allowed to live in the apartment where Fujiwara lived, and she is believed to have repeatedly committed indecent acts. When police investigated, Fujiwara denied the charges, saying he did not know the girl was under 18 years old.

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