Japan celebrates the good day of Oppai

November 8 is celebrated in JapanGood day Oppai (Ii Oppai no Hi)”, derived from a play on words related to the Japanese writing of the date (08/11). In this feature, 11″ becomesii (yes)“, What does it mean “Okay“, becomes the 0”OR (お)” and the 8 becomes “Pa (っぱ)“, which is derived from the Chinese pronunciation of the same number. So, just add it again “i (い)“to form”Ii Oppai no Hi (いいおっっいの日)“, which translates as “Good Tits Day“.

In this celebration, Twitter artists and fans of the anime industry share a variety of illustrations to celebrate the event​​​​​​, along with the commemorative hashtag: #いいおっっいの日.

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