Japan: A woman sues a Chinese man for pretending to be a Japanese to donate sperm

The newspaper An chunichi shimbun she published an article stating that a woman decided to sue the man who donated her sperm to the sum of a millionaire, after discovering that he was not a native of Japan and that the academic training he received was not in networks . It should be noted that some sites incorrectly distribute this information as a case of “Netorare“, But since the relationship was made with the consent of the husband, the term is correct”Netorase“.

«A 30-year-old Tokyo woman who gave birth to a baby after receiving a sperm donation from a man she met on social media filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court on December 27., claiming about 330 million yen (over $ 2.8 million) in damages for mental distress due to a person's deception of their nationality and academic training. With the spread of sperm trade between individuals on social networks, the lawyer said in what is believed to be the first court of law in the country of its kind».

«According to the complaint, the woman is living with her husband and her first child, who was born more than 10 years ago (she had that child with her husband). She searched social media for a sperm donor due to her husband’s alleged unacceptable illness, and in March 2019 she began contacting men in her 20s. The woman believed the man was Japanese, graduated from Kyoto University, had no wife or partner, and became pregnant in June of that same year after having sex with him about ten years. to “donate sperm”».

«The woman alleged that the man had given her false information in order to obtain sexual pleasure, and that she had been forced to have sex with a man who did not meet her expectations, and to become pregnant and give birth as a result. She claims that her right to self-determination was violated by the man who should choose his father’s child. It is estimated that more than 10,000 babies were born with third party sperm or eggs. The number of social media accounts and other sites offering sperm donation, without regulating trade between individuals, has increased».

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