Japan: A madman stole lingerie and set his victims’ houses on fire

Osaka Prefectural Police Department, i Japanhas arrested a 28-year-old unemployed man suspected of breaking into the home of a 36-year-old woman, stole her underwear and burned down her house two days later.

According to the police, Shohei Nakajima broke into the woman’s home in Joto Ward entering through the bathroom window between 2 and 5 a.m. on December 25, Kyodo News reported. Police said she stole 14 items of underwear, and the woman called police later on Dec. 25 to report her underwear stolen.

At about 4:40 on December 27, Nakajima (who, it turned out, lived in the same neighborhood) returned to the house, tied a coin to the front door, and set it on fire. The woman and her two children, who were sleeping, managed to get out safely before the fire destroyed the two story wooden house.

According to police, Nakajima, who was identified after analyzing street surveillance camera footage, confessed to the charges, but He denied intent to kill when he set the fire. She also told the police that she had stolen underwear from other housewives in the past.

This news even reached Western forums, where it prompted comments such as:

  • «That’s crazy special».
  • «In cases like this, the attacker must be forced to buy a new house for the victim. That’s a lot of money for a bunch of underwear».
  • «what a nightmare».
  • «He must have been very disappointed in those underwear».
  • «“…he denied intent to kill when he started the fire.” Who cares what this idiot thinks? Regardless, it put this woman and her family in grave danger, as well as firefighters and other emergency personnel. He must serve time».
  • «Personal and caustic. Lock it up for at least 5 years without suspension. But we know that stealing panties would only get him a slap on the wrist, just like that recent arson attack. Or maybe the prosecutor drops the charges for “lack of evidence” or some other bullshit.».
  • «A strange combination of crimes. Steal underwear and set fire!».
  • «Stealing women’s underwear is sick but not dangerous, but setting a fire is a very different matter – arson is a felony. This profound man should be sent to a psychiatric hospital or a secure prison for a long time. There must be something wrong in his brain».
  • «Do you still think they will do something about it? If the guy who set fire to the anime studio pleaded guilty, they didn’t do anything with him! In Japan they are useless in justice, in the United States we would have already killed the poor man».

Fountain: Japan today

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