Japan: A girl complains that the men in her class are Otakus

Twitter user”@denkikun_stepup” became a trend in Japan after a post was shared complaining about the fact that “His class is full of otakus“. The girl in question entered a technical school, a way of referring to a variety of 4 or 5 year study programs at the university level.

The technical school in Japan also fulfills a role similar to that of upper secondary education (called “high school”), but it takes two more years, since the graduate already leaves with a professional degree, and not only with a study certificate . . In the case of the girl in the publication, she entered a technical college in the engineering branch, and indicates that “it will be difficult as long as most of them are sporting thrift store cuts and wearing clothes their mother bought them“.

Write her long post:

  • I am a woman in her first year of technical school. I want to retire now. I don’t like every class I’m in for a reason. Most of the class is otaku, there are no boys who care about their looks, and I really don’t have the motivation to stay in the same class for five years.
  • Before entering the school, I already knew that I would be in the same class with the same people for five years. However, I expected to spend my five precious years, from 16 to 20, in a class with white people and trendy kids, just like in high school. I regret that if I knew that everyone was so childish and didn’t care about their appearance, I would definitely go to a normal school.
  • I chose to study at a technical school, but I don’t want to lose five years of my life because of that mistake. Of course I wanted to study, but I also wanted to enjoy my childhood, which was now. I’m looking for the move, but it’s not possible right now or for the right reasons, and I’m desperate. I cry when I realize that I will not get out of this despair unless I die.

Naturally, the post drew mixed comments on a popular Japanese forum, noting:

  • «Current education says that women can discriminate against men all they want. I think this is the result of that».
  • «Women are more and more repulsed by the idea of ​​having sex with men in general».
  • «Anyone can get a date if they plan to».
  • «Today there are fewer otakus because most parents are from the generation that married for love.».
  • «It looks like the girl thought she would be in the back of a harem».
  • «Nowadays it is so easy to be in contact with students from other schools in Japan that you don’t have to worry too much. I don’t know if this woman is sophisticated enough to complain about the people around her.».
  • «Wow, so she’s an easy girl to sleep with if you invest in a good haircut and good clothes? It’s a cheap price».

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