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James Hong finally gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at the age of 93

Renowned actor, producer and director James Hong starred on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles after six decades of filmmaking.

The Chinese-American icon, who has credits in 469 TV shows, 149 sex movies, 32 shorts and 22 video games – arrived during a career in which he starred alongside stars such as Clark Gable or Seth Rogen – Tuesday (May 10) The oldest person to receive a star on the Walk of Fame.

“I’m here! I’m alive!” The 93-year-old told the crowd Tuesday, adding that he had no planned speech as “he’s not that kind of man” (according to the LA Times) .

Before the long-awaited recognition was given, it was introduced by a number of Hollywood actors, including Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim, who raised the huge sum to pay for the Hong star through the GoFundMe page in four days in 2020, and the program Everything Everywhere All At Once co-star Jamie Lee Curtis.

On the crowdfunding page, the Hawaii Five-0 actor wrote that Hong includes “the term ‘working actor,’ not to think of everything he’s done to help represent color actors.”

Kim noted that AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Island) performers make up less than 1% of the names on the Walk of Fame, with Hong’s name matching Anna May Wong, Mako, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu.

“While that number is downright low,” Kim said, “it emphasizes the fact that we have to celebrate all of us who have been fortunate to be recognized, and that includes all three. other. [artistas] AAPI is inducted this year. So applaud Ming-Na Wen, Jason Momoa and [el miembro fundador de Black Eyed Peas] apl.of.ap “.

Curtis also praised Hong as a “passionate performer” and “a funny set presence,” adding, “It’s time for us here to pay tribute to James Hong as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Hong was born in Minnesota, Hong’s career began in the early ’50s, and he described himself as “probably the only living man who worked with Groucho Marx.” His other notable credits include Chinatown, Blade Runner, Seinfeld, Friends, and Kung Fu Panda movies and TV shows.


"Apprentice of everything and master of nothing".

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