It may be too late to save the Overwatch fandom

The announcement trailer of the game, released in 2014, was brilliant and beautiful, and there was fierce fandom. The players appreciated the bright designs, the strong characterization, and the innate optimism in the setting. The release of the game and subsequent clips only solidified this fan base; people would love to create characters, imagine their quests, and dream of the day about the future story.

Then, just as suddenly, it was gone. Lore slowed down to a trickle after 2018 and finally stopped it all, plus big additions – we haven’t seen a new hero since 2020. Now, at the height of PvP’s entering beta and a new season of the Overwatch League, The game should be ready for a triumphant return. Instead, it’s on shakier ground than ever, and other developers seize the momentum from Blizzard and run with it.

open the gates

he did not invent the idea of ​​building a hero shooter around strong characters portrayed through shorthand. Valve’s cuts and their “Meet the Team” are still relevant almost 15 years later, and are not much more complex and much more complex than the trailers.

But the utopia and variety of the near – future cast has historically attracted fans of the first – person shooter genre. Communities of queer women and gamers rallied throughout the game; some were mostly for the final, and some for the story and characters above all else.

it was a legitimate cultural phenomenon during its era. The beautiful scenery, vivid character design, and more telling hints inspire a huge fandom. People cosplayed the characters and their skins, created fan art, wrote long fan fiction epics, collaborated on 3D animation of their own original heroes, and much more. These players were at the heart of the ring while playing the game and allowed it to nurture their imagination.

The influence of many of its competitors is clear. Character rosters seem to be more important than ever; It is no longer enough to have a set of gunslingers with mysterious backstapes. and they are all great examples of games where the aesthetic, personality and background of the character is as great as his gameplay. Other developers create and promote characters such as Neon, a Filipino sprinter; Osa, a cross-operator, and Bloodhound, a non-binary character.

he will lose these other titles for years to come, not because of his roster or lore, but because of his lack of consistency.

Plot, rhythm and purpose

and then he gestured them and said, “That’s nice, isn’t it?” The works from day one onwards had major mysteries, such as climate devastation at Swiss Overwatch HQ. In the 2016 “Recall” cinema, Winston hits the big red button to reset Overwatch. We don’t see Overwatch going out on a mission until the 2019 “Zero Hour” cinematic, which sets up campaign content that currently has no release date.

My personal breakpoint was the Storm Rising Archive event in 2019. The highlight of this legendary event was meeting a Doomfist robotic man, the leader of the terrorist organization Talon. He agreed to join the cause, and then managed to unveil his hood … just a robot guy. I have not seen it before or since. Instead of solving something with the current cast, there is a new random character that is much more mysterious. I had months left to figure this out, and all that was left was to wait for further answers. I couldn’t do it anymore.

As it faded, it was like games and jumping into the vacuum. It is planned to release six new heroes a year, but more importantly, Riot has shown that he can keep fandom.

In particular, it establishes a comfortable “spot” where fans can safely theorise and imagine the characters. There are large story-heavy clips, but they also have smaller set pieces designed to set the moment. You can see Raze dancing around her hometown and get a glimpse of a typical Yoru day, inspired by the manga. A January cinematic called “Warm Up” shows some of the team hanging out and practicing target shooting; there is nothing involved, no fights, no epic story. It’s just jokes and action. Nothing is sitting still waiting for the story to fit perfectly.

Meanwhile, fans were dreaming about parts of the canon of the game while waiting for the next installment of the story, with only their thoughts about the past or present being contradicted later as it went. the story progresses from revelation to revelation. Questions about Reaper, raised in 2016, were answered in the 2022 novel, but many fans were left unhappy with the answers.

Too little, too late

At the end of 2021, Blizzard finally moved the plot forward. The company released a comic series in which Cole Cassidy’s cow ex, Jesse McCree previously reunited the gang. The character was renamed in October, when Activision Blizzard removed references to developers and employees following a lawsuit over sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

There was also a Tracer 2020 comedy, with a nice cast, made by an artist I love. But it’s too late. Only once can you hit the pot with a ladle promising me the good slop, just throwing out spoons, before I find another tank.

The Reaper’s story has long been relentless, with its fans so willing to make a meal of the crumbs scattered over the years, that I feel that the fan’s version of the cast is more concrete than the actual canon. A short story from Reaper came out and I was vaguely stumped. I do not know who the man is, but not a Reaper to him.

Blizzard may be able to bring back the magic with upcoming updates and PvE campaigns, and the train may also have left the station. There was a brief, wonderful moment in my life when I really enjoyed it. Now, I just feel vague frustration towards the franchise. Players can only be asked to wait and watch before they fully recover.


Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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