Is Vocaloid banned in Japanese schools?

I know how you must be feeling right now. You are definitely a big fan of Vocaloid and that is why you are on this blog. This band is known all over the world but there is debate as to whether Japanese schools should allow it. Before you make a judgment, let's look at the arguments for this situation.


It all started with an innocent talk from a father and his daughter, which is placed in the image of the tweet you see above. Then I will translate what he says:

“This is a question from my daughter who is in primary school: At lunchtime we can play our favorite music, but our teacher said that Vocaloid songs are not allowed. When I asked him why, he said it was because they were like robots. Why is that? ‘”

Generally in Japan, schools played music during lunchtime and said what music they could play. But as we just read, not all of them are allowed. After this came to light, the debate began over who agreed with the teacher and others with the father.

Someone who agreed with the teacher said that the music sounded artificial, that it was changed regardless of the best dances sung by real people since Vocaloid is 100% artificial and that was the most noticeable difference. Among other comments for and against.

With this, many people think that this ban is anti-otaku since they do not like otaku culture very much in Japan. There are people who only see as a simple matter of taste about songs or about this kind of subculture.

And yourself? What do you think? Leave it in the comments. For me it would be everything. Thanks for reading.

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