Inori Minase graces Seiyuu Grand Prize in October 2023

Inori Minase, who is soon to release her new single ‘Scrap Art’, graces the front cover of the October 2023 issue. Seiyuu’s grand prize. It’s her first solo cover in nearly a year, and in an exclusive interview in the issue, she shared ideas for her upcoming single. In addition, the magazine is full of photos showing Minase in various outfits that match the unique style of her latest song.

Meanwhile, singer Rin Kurusu, who is about to release her debut mini-album titled ‘Happy Lucky Diary’, appears on the back cover of the same Seiyuu’s grand prize issue. Kurusu also talked about her mini-album and the release features various photos of the artist in summer outfits.

Seiyuu’s grand prizeThe October 2023 issue will be available for purchase for ¥1,500 (~$11) on September 8, 2023. Special posters of both Inori Minase and Rin Kurusu come with the magazine if purchased at select retailers.

A special feature on Akari Kito and Ayane Sakura from ‘Tonikaku Kawaii High School Edition’ is available in this issue. Other voice actors involved include Nako Misaki, Sora Amamiya, Rikako Aida, Yu Serizawa, Maria Ise, Honoka Kuroki, Noriko Shibasaki, Yuki Nakashima, behind-the-scenes coverage of Yuma Uchida’s recent live tour, and more.

The previous issue of Seiyuu’s grand prize featured the cast of The typical fives and Ayaka Ohashi on the covers.

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