Inio Asano to release an epilogue of Solanin after 11 years

Shogakukan he revealed that it was the new edition of the manga Solanin ó Inio Asano there will be a new epilogue titled “chapter 29”, after 11 years since its completion in 2006. The new chapter will take place in 2017 and will show the lives of Meiko, Kato, Bill and Ai. The picture shows Meiko in the new chapter.Asano

The new A-5 size edition will be released on October 30 in Japan and will compile both volumes of the manga. The new edition will feature color illustrations and thirty new drawings. Below is a trial image of the new edition.


Meiko Inoue is a freshman student who works as an office girl in a job she hates. Her boyfriend Shigeo is permanently bankrupt in his apartment, because his job as a freelancer does not allow him to pay the rent. And her parents keep sending vegetable boxes that keep rotting in the fridge. Walking the line between her years as a student and the rest of her life, Meiko struggles with the feeling that she is not just separated from being a part of real life.

Asano the serial manga is in the magazine Young Sunday ó Shogakukan, from 2005 to 2006. The series has inspired adaptation live-action in 2010.

An manga Dededededestruction Dead Dead Demon ó Asano being published, though on hiatus. The manga has had some heavy hiatus since July 2014. Asano the manga came to an end Reikaku in July 2018.

Fountain: ANN

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