In recent years, half of Britons have stopped attending high-priced live music events

In recent years, just over half of Britons have been unable to attend a live music event due to rising ticket prices.

This conclusion comes from a YouGov survey which shows a worrying picture for live music in the UK, especially amid the current cost of living crisis. While live music remains popular – 60 per cent of those surveyed have attended at least one concert in their lifetime and 14 per cent go “regularly” – the survey shows that 18 per cent have attended of the Brits “often” on due shows. with the price of the tickets.

Just over three quarters of people (77%) called the concerts “expensive”, and 44% said they were “very expensive”. Among concertgoers, 75% had paid more than £50 for a ticket, 36% had spent more than £100 and 9% more than £200.

In comparison, when asked what they thought would be a fair price to see a popular artist at a major concert, 53% said £40 or less.

The Music Venue Trust posted a statement on its Facebook in response to YouGov’s findings, stressing that there are still ways to see live music at more affordable prices at community venues.

The British public believe that less than £40 is a fair price for a live music ticket. The headline says that people are “getting…

Posted by Music Venue Trust on Friday, 23 December 2022

“There are hundreds of great, amazing, life-affirming shows every day in community music venues. The average ticket price is £10.90, but there’s sure to be one near you this week.” Super talented musicians give performances as good as can be seen on the big stages,” they write.

There will be no flying pianos or tumbling robots, but excellent sound and lighting, performed by professional technicians. Bar prices are affordable, staff are welcoming, and the community wants you to be part of the community. And no, Harry Styles isn’t going to play, but you know who is? Someone who deserves as much of an audience as he has, who has written so many songs, who is as passionate about the music he makes, who has something to do that you can fall in love with.”

And they add: “There is something very wrong there, because it is the cheapest, easiest and most accessible cultural experience.”

The organization has promised to “find a third of the audience that has not seen a show in 2022 and make sure they know what they are missing.”

“Let’s go out into our communities and make sure everyone knows they have access to live music. Let’s make sure our local and national press reflects that. We will see the great music from these great venues on our television, talk about it on our radio, make it part of the national debate about who we are and what we do.

The YouGov survey also revealed that the general public is largely opposed to the idea of ​​price increases, with half of those polled saying they are “strongly opposed” to the new practice by ticketing sites such as Ticketmaster, which ticket prices rise based on demand. , such as pricing systems for taxis or hotel rooms. Although the system is designed to combat ticket scaling, only 5% of the public support it. It has been widely criticized for being unfair to fans, who could run out of money if they want to see their favorite artists live.

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