In Peru they confused Frieza with the Devil

The media in Peru could not believe it when the neighborhood council of the neighborhood of Castilla reported a few weeks ago that the devil or soul was in pain around a cemetery. However, when the residents came to the place to investigate the situation, they found a young man dressed as friezethe popular enemy of the franchise of dragon ballwhich includes their horns and tail clothing.

All this happened in the city of Huancayo, where the townspeople were about to seek out the popular young man who identified himself as a TikTok user with the name “Emperor Frieza”and that he was doing a live broadcast on the spot.

The outfit is characterized by the popular enemy and later “companion” Goku that he has horns and a tail and in some of the transformations. These elements alerted more than one inhabitant of the town of Castilla, who even knew the character in question and confused the matter with “El Diablo”.

And it didn’t help much that the young man decided to dress up as a character and do his live broadcast at 01:00 in the morning and near a cemetery, attracting the attention of the residents. The community organized and went to the place armed with what they found at the time. When they came to the subject, they intimidated him and took his clothes and some of his possessions.

Of course, since the content was broadcast live, it was all recorded for posterity. It should be noted that the user “Emperador Freeza” has the habit of broadcasting live late at night and in areas that are considered terrible, precisely in the city of Huancayo. Fortunately, the guy was able to give his explanations to the residents, who put down their arms, and avoid becoming a local legend for the residents to tell their children, where they would tell that one night they went to the cemetery and “they killed the devil.”

And of course, the local media could not ignore this, which took advantage of the young man’s misfortune to make his statement: “First of all I want to send a strong greeting to the people of Sapallanga, who did not hurt me, who are very kind people and who gave me back my things. They did it more than anything for precautionary reasons, they predict a lot of people and, apparently, they were confused with a ghost that they suddenly consider a “criminal”. In the social networks they reported it like this, and that’s why I was there. They got scared and when they saw me coming out of the hill, they intervened.».

«We got a call from the neighbors telling us that someone was doing some kind of witchcraft or something like that. The neighbours, suddenly a bit suspicious, saw this person dressed as this character, who had horns, and pointed out that he was dressed as the Devil», reported a police officer. «So don’t you dare come like that, another kind of jokers come make your TikTok videos, because now we’re going to act bad», warn a local resident to any of the spectators who want to go back to play funny.

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