In Japan they are developing a TV that also translates flavors

A professor in Japan has developed a prototype of “lickable tv screenSomething that can mimic the flavors of food, one more step towards creating a multisensory visual experience. The device, called Taste TV (TTTV), a roundabout of ten cans uses flavors sprayed together to create the flavor of a particular food. The taste sample is then rolled onto a hygiene film on a flat screen TV for the viewer to see.

«In the era of COVID-19, this type of technology can connect and interact with the way people connect with the outside world.A Meiji University professor said, Homei Miyashita. «The goal is to enable people to experience something like eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world, even when they are at home.», He said.

Miyashita works with a team of about thirty students who have made various flavor-related devices, such as a fork that makes food taste richer. He said that he built the TTTV prototype himself last year and that a commercial version would cost about 100,000 yen to make (875 US dollars). «Potential applications include distance training for sommeliers and chefs, and tasting games and contests.“Professor.

Miyashita has also been in talks with companies to use their spray technology in applications such as a device that can apply a pizza or chocolate flavor to a toast slice. It also hopes to create a platform where users can download and enjoy flavors from all over the world, like music now.

A Meiji student showed TTTV to reporters, telling the screen that she wanted to taste sweet chocolate. After a few attempts, an automated voice repeatedly sprayed the command and flavor jets onto a plastic sheet. «It's like milk chocolate. It's sweet like chocolate sauce“, He said.

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