In Japan there is a vending machine with details of people looking for relationships

There are so many vending machines in Japan that most people walking down the street barely notice them. However, a collection of vending machines in Tokyo ‘s Kamata neighborhood has recently attracted attention. Occupying the curb and the otherwise empty interior in a small coin – operated locker bank, the first thing that catches your eye are the exterior machines that offer canned drinks for as little as 50 yen (about 50 cents), less than half the price of most vending machines in Japan, but the inside is a truly unusual machine.

The product display case is full of cans, but they do not contain beverages. Instead, you are buying your way to a prospective romantic partner. The pink cans represent women looking for companionship, while beige cans represent men, each with the age of the person written on it. However, the vending machine is not as fierce as an anonymous picking supplier, because its inventory is stocked and managed by Press Advisor Matching (also known by the acronym MAP), a matching service for single people looking for a serious relationship hoping to get married, or konkatsu, as it is called in Japanese.

Each costs 3,000 yen (about 26 US dollars), but it does not necessarily guarantee you a date, minus your partner. The voucher is a purchase for an hour-long interview and counseling session with a consultant from Matching Advisor Press, whose name is also written on the can, to see if you match the single person you can buy.. If so, Matching Advisor Press will host a three – hour dinner for both of you, with an additional 9,000 yen service charge plus related food and beverage costs that you will have to pay.

Some details are confusing, however.. For example, the message that appears on the outside of the can is worded as if the Press Advisor was a Match Adviser who spoke to you, for example «I am Councilor Ishikawa. There is a 27 year old woman who wants to get married. Don't you want to meet her? I will advise». However, the poster at the bottom of the machine contains a photograph of a woman with her first name (all cans ‘last names are on the cans), along with'My cell phone number is on the back of my photo. Please Contact Me».

Therefore, it is not clear whether the 3,000 yen “interview” is a counseling session with one Press Advisor. and the person represented by the can. It is also unclear whether Matching Advisor Press, if you do not go ahead with the person in the can, will help you find another one of their customers with whom you can be more compatible, or if this may require an additional fee.

Fountain: SoraNews24 | Japan


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