In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 goes visual and premieres in Spring 2023

The previously announced In another world with my smartphone Season 2 received a new visual teaser, along with a spring 2023 premiere. Studio JC staff will be animating the sequel.

Key preview of season 2 in another world with my smartphone
In another world with my smartphone Season 2 key visual

Additional cast for In another world with my smartphone Season 2 also revealed:

  • Miyu Takagi as Lucia Rhea Regulus
  • Yu Serizawa as Hildegard Minas Lestia
  • Miyu Kubota as Sakura

Yoshiaki Iwazaki is directing and Deko Akao is in charge of series composition. Chinatsu Kameyama is working on the character designs and is also listed as the chief animation supervisor. The first season of In another world with my smartphone aired in 2017. Takeyuki Yanase directed it at Production Reed studio. You can watch the anime on Crispy roll.

Hobby Japan is serializing Patora Furihaya’sIsekai wa Sumatofon to Tomo ni(In another world with my smartphone) light novel series since 2015 and currently has 26 volumes in circulation. A manga adaptation by Soto has been published on Comp Ace online since 2016 and currently has 11 volumes available. J-Roman Club licensedIn another world with my smartphoneseries of light novels in English and describes the plot as:

After a freak accident involving lightning kills him for dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Toya wakes up to find himself face to face with God. “I’m afraid to say I was a bit wrong…” lamented the old coot. But all is not lost! God says he can reincarnate Touya into a fantasy world, and as a bonus, he can bring his smartphone with him! Thus begins Touya’s adventure in a new, anachronistic pseudo-medieval world. Friends! laughing! Cry! Inexplicable Deus ex Machina! He embarks on a journey full of wonders as he travels absent-mindedly from place to place, pursuing any destination that pleases him. The curtains rise on an epic tale of swords, sorcery and smartphone apps!

source: Funny Natalie
©Patora Fuyuhara, Hobby Japan/ Buryunhild Duchy Committee

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