IDOLY PRIDE will not replace Sayaka Kanda as the voice of Mana Nagase

On December 20, the multimedia project was produced IDOLY PRIDE, in which the now deceased actor and singer took part Sayaka kanda like the character Mana Nagase, issued a press release stating that the voice in question will not be replaced (While the anime is already finished other media like video games are included in the project) after his death. Write the statement:

«As a result of our conversations about our plans for the future, Mana Nagase's character voice will remain with Sayaka Kanda's voice, as it has so far. We all believe that there is a Nagase Mana that no one else can interpret, because it was Sayaka Kanda who gave it life. Together with Mana Nagase, played by Sayaka Kanda, we will continue to produce content for audience entertainment, with thanks and appreciation for Sayaka Kanda's memory.». And more: “She had a love, understanding and care for Mana Nagase, sometimes even creating new lines herself! He was a man who supported and encouraged his fellow stars and teammates with his unparalleled ability to act on live recordings and performances.».

Production of a multimedia franchise Sword Art online, cá Sayaka kanda Yuna played in the main movie Art Sword Movie Online: Normal Scale, also issued a statement writing: «We are saddened by the news of the death of Sayaka Kanda, who played the role of Yuna (Shigemura Yuuna) in the Sword Art Online series, and would like to extend our condolences and sincere prayers to her soul. Sayaka Kanda, with her sincere acting and great singing voice, has made a diva fall in love with Yuna's character, just like her. We truly thank and sympathize with you».

Summary of Idoly Pride

The VENUS Program is a completely unbiased idol scoring system, which uses AI and data to rank candidates based on a number of factors. To determine the rising stars of the idol industry, the VENUS Grand Prix is ​​held every year using these algorithms. Among the idols that took part, none stood as big as Mana Nagase. On the day of the tournament final, however, a tragic accident suddenly ends his career. Kouhei Makino, a former Mana manager, continues his career at Hoshimi Productions years after his death.

Trying to set up a new idol team, she accepts interviews from various girls. Unexpectedly, Kotono Nagase, Mana's younger sister, is one of those interviewed, who strives to continue her sister's legacy under the tutelage of her former adviser. Sakura Kawasaki, whose voice resembles Mana, is also brought into the test. Kotono and Sakura both capture the evaluations and join a group of eight other young applicants. Living in a shared dormitory, the 10 members work together to learn more about what it means to harmonize as a team. United with an ambitious endeavor, the girls compete to rise to the top as they traverse the imperfect world of idols.

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