HoYoverse presents a trailer for the new game Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoverse (MiHoYo), the developer behind Genshin Impact and Honkai Impactunveils trailer for your latest game Zenless Zone Zero, an urban RPG action game. The trailer includes various characters, which suggests that this is another game on the hook:

The official website of the game describes the plot of the game as follows:
This is a dangerous world under constant threat from the mysterious disasters known as the “Cavities”, where the ancient civilization was destroyed and the world order lies in ruins. Fortunately, one city is still able to cope with disasters: New Eridu.
A diverse group of people, each with their own different reasons and beliefs, gather here to challenge the cavities.
And you are their indispensable accomplice, leading them out of the hollows, their “Plenipotentiary”.
This is your story.

Zenless Zone Zero now also invites players to sign up for the upcoming setup test. Interested testers must register with them official website, then log in with your HoYoverse account and then complete and submit the setup test survey. To increase the chances of being part of the beta test, testers are encouraged to participate in upcoming community events.

Although the deadline for submission has not yet been announced, examiners are encouraged to use specific test models. For mobile users, you must use at least iPhone 11 or later with iOS 10.0 and later, 4GB of RAM and a minimum of 6GB of storage. For computer users, the device must have Intel i5 or later, NVIDIA GTX970 or equivalent graphics card and higher, 8GB of RAM and a minimum of 10GB of storage space.

HoYoverse annoyed the “action-adventure game featuring shooting-based gameplay” in November 2021. This was during the company’s recent move to open a new office in Montreal, Canada to work on the title.

Source: Official website


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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