How to draw four different anime girl body types

Sometimes an anime penchant for stylized artwork makes them use theirs fandom diligently declare that the average portrays female characters as “bold uniform.” That is not true, however. While Japanese artists, on average, show a stronger pencil for chest-heavy character designs than their counterparts in other countries, anime characters are shown by different characters.

For example, illustrator and user show Twitter @ plus15 says that the body types of female anime characters can be broadly divided into four different categories, and has even prepared a list of attributes to use for each category as a reference while drawing.

How to draw four different anime girl body types

@ plus15 name each group with a line that roughly corresponds to how the line of their body is visible. Their reports begin with the type X / Glamor (the word glamor is often used in Japanese to describe fashion, but sensory visits):

  • Sensory curves
  • Thick frame, especially on the upper body
  • Without pronounced clavicle
  • Made of elastic skin
  • Short neck and small hands
  • Gets muscles easily
  • A body line is like an apple if you gain weight
  • High wave with big hips
  • Looks good on simple jackets and shirts
  • She looks bold when dressed in a dress

The following is the type I / narrow:

  • Long silhouette with few curves or bumps
  • Tight frame, despite not having thickness
  • Clavicles pronounced and visible
  • Sinuous build and thick skin
  • Hands and feet large and long compared to other women of the same height
  • Bones and joints support more than muscle mass
  • Looks great if you add body fat
  • High wave with a long, flat lump
  • Looks good with thick hemp shirts and wide leg pants
  • It looks worn and scrubbed while dressed in tight clothing

Moving on to the heaviest constitutions, @ plus15 details of the Type A / Lower Thick Body:

  • The body line looks like a triangle with a wide base
  • Flat upper body with narrow frame
  • Small clavicles almost imperceptible
  • Soft, padded leather
  • Long slender neck
  • Muscles are not easy, but may be thicker below the waist
  • It looks like a pear if it gains weight
  • Waist low, breasts fixed low on the chest
  • Looks good on ruffled clothing and crew neck tops, and clothing made with soft or visible fabrics
  • She looks lonely dressed in simple clothes

And finally with it O / Chubby type:

  • Accurate constitution
  • A bulky body
  • Clavicles easily visible
  • Soft skin
  • Clean lines around the neck, hands and small feet
  • Gets muscles easily
  • Weight is easily placed around the hips, which then become more curved
  • Bulky back
  • Looks good on clothes with low necklines and show the wrists and ankles
  • It looks puffy when dressed in baggy clothes

The amount of detail in the reports on @ plus15In addition to the care you put into each example, it shows that you are willing to draw characters from each of the four categories. He understands, however, that people have choices, so he included a survey asking other users Twitter let them choose their favorite physique.

The survey collected more than 240,000 responses, and the type I. in leadership with 35 percent, and beyond type X. (28 per cent), type A. (22 per cent), and type O. (15 percent), suggesting that there is a fan base for each type of category.

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