Houshou Marine Hololive surpasses 2 million subscribers

The Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) of Live Holo Production, Houshou Seahaving passed two million subscribers i Youtube. Marine is the first and so far the only member of the Japanese division to surpass this figure. It is worth noting that Gawr Gura of the division Hololive English he is the one who leads the number of subscribers with 4.09 million, however, the number of comments he has had in the past month is small compared to that of Marine or Mori Calliopeis second with 2.11 million.

That’s worth mentioning Houshou Sea recently released a single titled “Me Your Treasure Box“, written and composed with the collaboration of the creator and composer of the successful video game Undertale, Toby Foxwho participates under a pseudonym UZ INNU (Uzai Inu), which translates to “Annoying Dog”, the name of his avatar.

Houshou Marine is a member of the agency’s third generation talents Live Holo Productionbeside Used Pekora, Uruha Rushia, Shiranui flared and ShirogAnne Nothe. It was designed by aiillustrator of light novels Outside the Academy!!and debuted on YouTube in August 2019. Marine is the third member in the overall ranking of agency subscribers, with over 2.00 million subscribers at this time.

About Houshou Marine

“Update! Captain Houshou Pirates, this is Houshou Marine!” “Keep calm!” She loves jewels, jewels and money. His dream is to become a pirate and go out looking for treasures. In order to get a pirate ship, she’s now collecting money as a Virtual YouTuber in the mainland, just like the other land lovers (which also means she’s just a cosplayer girl right now). She acts like an older sister and sometimes attracts people like a succubus. She is a deadly sensual Boss, and very young! (about 17 years old). His pirate outfit is just cosplay, and very lewd when you see him like that.

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