Honda Shingo Saiko manga to launch byproduct in December

November issue of the magazine Shonen Monthly Champion ó Akita Shoten revealed Friday that the manga Shingo honda, Saiko kuro, will a turns out entitled Saiko shiro. The manga will premiere through the app LINE manga December 6th.

Summary Saiko Kuro manga

The manga focuses on an app called “SAiKO” which is popular with girls. The app has female AI that answers questions as far as it can, including how to run make-up and relationship advice. At first, users of the app seem happy, but the danger soon comes.

Sling the manga sailed through the Shonen Monthly Champion September 6th.

Sling launched the sleeve Hakaijū through the magazine Shonen Monthly Champion ó Akita Shoten in 2010 and ended on June 6 this year. Akita Shoten volume number published twenty – one on July 7th. The manga revolves around a high school student who loses his sight after an earthquake. When he wakes up, his classmates are killed by suddenly appearing monsters. Inspire the short series live-action in 2012.

Fountain: ANN

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