Hololive: Used Pekora Gets Its Third Most Popular Broadcast with its New Clothes

As scheduled, the Virtual YouTuber was affiliated with the representative agency Hololive production, Used Pekora, he ran a special broadcast to show off his new outfit. This broadcast achieved a simultaneous viewer peak of 187,392, to date the third most watched broadcast in the company's history, but behind the broadcast with the new suit of Gura gura in May 2021 accumulated 194,140 viewers and the last broadcast of Kiryu Coco in July 2021 it gathered 491,342 viewers.

About Used Pekora

Usada Pekora is a Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the representative agency Hololive Production, which is tied to the third generation of side talents alongside Uruha Rushia, Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel and Houshou Marine. Hagure Yuuki, an artist of adult works such as “Purely Koikishi ☆ Kiss: Elicia no Chikai”, “Purely Koikishi ☆ Kiss: Yuu no Negai” and “Scoop Musou:” Scoop Hadouhou! “(` ・ Ω ・ ´) ♂〓〓〓〓 ★ (゜ Д ゜ ;;): ∴ Dogooo “.

Her profile writes: Pekora is from the Pekolandia nation, where she claims to be a member of the royalty. Although little is known about Pekoland, its inhabitants, like Pekora, are considered to be human animals with rabbit ears and a relatively long life, and the rabbit motif seen in Pekora fashion and accessories is important. its culture. According to Pekora, “peko” is the only word in the Pekolan language. Consistent with its royal construction, Pekora's personality can be described as outspoken, gloomy, immature and seaworthy, yet fun and friendly. However, when she's not in front of the cameras, other Hololive girls described her as polite and shy, as she does not like people entering her space, as well as internalizing her pain (as Houshou Marine pointed out ).

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