Hololive: Tsunomaki Watame starred in a great animated music video

The Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the agency Hololive production, Tsunomaki Watame, posted an animated music video of his original twelve songs, entitled “My song“. The video was directed by Takashi ishida in the new animation studios qzil.la, and is also accredited towards the direction and composition of CG.

Kamata who was in charge of making the storyboards and character designs, and Jupiter Y Prevention of iwanaga they were the animation directors, and Araki was also in charge of the main animations. Hideki nakamura who was an art director and presided over the art panels, while Ami rabbit he was in charge of coordinating coloring, arrangements and final reviews.

The song is included in his second music album Tsunomaki Watame, entitled “Watame no Uta Volume 2“, Issued in Japan on December 29th (coincides with its second year of activities). The album is also available through digital distribution services, and the particular song was written by Tomoya Tabuchi and Shota Horie composition is beneficial. In his announcement, Watame wrote: «This movie quality animated music video was made thanks to you all!».

By Tsunomaki Watame

She is a Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the representative agency Hololive Production, a member of the fourth generation of talent in the company of Tokoyami Towa, Kiryu Coco, Amane Kanata and Himemori Luna. Watame debute hit YouTube on December 29, 2019, and Fu-mi took care of its original design. His official profile writes: “The sheep of a bard who walks everywhere. She loves to sing and is fluffy! YES! SPONGGING! Because she is herbal, she loves French fries. Watame speaks in a pleasing tone that suits his image of fluffy sheep. Fans have noticed that her voice is particularly soft, mature and feminine. However, in stark contrast to this image, Watame often amuses himself by making crazy facial gestures.

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