Hololive: Sakamata Chloe is the first member of the sixth generation to enter the Top 50

Japanese portal Dimensional Expansion the Virtual YouTuber was reportedly affiliated with the agency Hololive production, Sakamata chloe, after joining the “Top 50 Virtual YouTubers with Top Number of Subscribers in the WorldChloe is the first member of the sixth generation to join this group, and to date she accumulates more than 676 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, so she's close to more than 679 thousand subscribers by the Virtual YouTuber »Dennou Shojo Siro“, One of the industry pioneers in Japan.

About Sakamata Chloe

She is a Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the representative agency Hololive Production, which is part of the sixth generation of talent alongside Takane Lui, Laplus Darkness, Hakui Koyori and Kazama Iroha. Chloe debuted on November 29, 2021 and was designed by Parsley, an artist from franchises such as “Kuro Rekishi's Ore to Kanojo or Love Comedy ga Zenryoku” and “Shikimontsukai wa Himitsu no Hiiragi-san.”

Her profile writes: “An intern who doubles as a repairer and cleaner for the HoloX Secret Society. Always calm and collected, she makes your orders without fuss. He loves music and can be found listening to it whenever he can. And while she vehemently rejects it, she seems to tend to be reserved and honest with her thoughts, only occasionally hinting at her true feelings. “

Fountain: Dimensional Expansion



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