Hololive: Momosuzu Nene and Gawr Gura exceed 100 million yen in earnings from Super Chat

The tracking portal PLAYBOARD confirmed that the Virtual YouTubers were affiliated with the agency Hololive production, Momosuzu Nene Y. Gura gura, after exceeding 100 million yen (more than 873.4 thousand US dollars(b) in earnings from Super Chat, which is the 18th and 19th members, respectively, for this achievement within the agency.

This list is very different from what you would expect when looking at the ranking of Virtual YouTubers with the largest number of subscribers in Hololive production. Uruha Rushia stays at the top with more than 350 million yen (more than 3.05 million US dollars), followed by Kiryu Coco, Used Pekora, Houshou mara Y. Aqua Minato, respectively.

About Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura first debuted on September 13, 2021, surpassing 1 million subscribers on YouTube just 39 days after this, showing tremendous growth. According to her report, Gura is friendly and personal, often having fun with relatively simple things. She has difficulty distinguishing between left and right, as she has sent all her classmates to dig for 20 minutes in the wrong direction after reading a map. He often misspells and misunderstands words, has trouble remembering his own age and mathematical calculations. Gura did not recognize the term “simple” within her chat room, changing it to “shrimp”.

About Momosuzu Nene

She is a Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the representative agency Hololive Production, which belongs to the fifth generation of talent alongside Yukihana Lamy, Botan Shishiro, Mano Aloe and Omaru Polka. It was launched on 13 August 2020 on YouTube and was designed by Nishizawa 5mm. Nene is a loving girl who loves to talk and sing. She dreams of becoming an idol and having her own anime opening song. She's too confident in games calling herself “Supernenechi”, showing good Apex – directed skills despite being a beginner or a 100% winning percentage in the first collaboration stream of Among Us, however, it can also be vague, like a 16-fold drop in its first Minecraft stream and a failure of a Roboco-san magma test.

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